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The Raccoon?

The ride to school is quite a chatty jaunt

All from the four year old

Because the two year old cannot get a word in.


“Mommy, Roman said he’s gonna marry me.”

“Mommy… Jimmy said you have crazy hair some days”

I don’t like that kid anyway…

And don’t get me started on his mom’s hair…


“Mommy… I just blew bubbles with my butt”

Classy girl I am raising.

“Mommy! Carson picks his nose and eats his boogers… it gross”

“Mommy…I need you a get me some new sparkle shoes…”

“Mommy…I want to buy a dog”


I swear…

it is about a 20 minute drive and 19 ½ minutes of Landon air time.

Sweet Lord…

That girl can talk.


So today…

“Mommy… you need a see our raccoon”



“Mommy I be so serious”

What in the hell is she talking about?



da raccoon is so berry cute…

both of dem”


They have a raccoon at school?

Two of them??


Pulling me down the hall…

We must see the raccoons…


Then I will have a chat with the teacher about the germs they carry

how they are ensuring the children are safe…

and why they can’t just get a goldfish.





Da raccoon is so cute.



it a butterfly now.


Oh! I see

The “raccoon”?

is (or was now) a cocoon…


I don’t have the heart to tell her.

Because she is so excited over the butterfly…

And it is just so damn cute…














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